24 July 2006

Film Four goes freeview

Just incase you missed it, Film Four is now available to everyone on Freeview, as usual you can add this channel to your personal list on Mightyv.

01 May 2006

Find your pies!

I know, I know, you have a desperate need to record all television programmes which include pies. Me too. Up until now, mightyv would only search the programme titles. However, I've just added a new feature just for you pie-, Vegas- and bed-lovers - full text searching of programme descriptions. I'm just trying to make it easier to find interesting programmes.


(lovely pie photo from aricee)

24 April 2006

Does time go across or down?

Signal vs. Noise, the 37signals blog recently mentioned mightyv. They minimally comment "Calendar with Horizontal Hours", by which I understand that they reckon that hours should go across in the mightyv day view. An awful many television calendars go the other way, take the Radio Times for example, but I think it looks quite bad. The main reason I decided to make time go down is that you get to see the full program title, and program titles tend to get quite long. I get very annoyed with websites like the Radio Times' which show "World Snooke..." as a program. This is the web, we don't need to abbreviate. Thus I decided that time should progress down the page, much like your real diary does (and people seem to back me up). Comments welcome.


16 March 2006

Statistics galore

In a few weeks I'll be presenting a talk about mighTyV at YAPC::Asia 2006 Tokyo, which should be fun. I've been updating one slide at the end of the talk where we have various statistics about mightyv, and I noticed that we have 1,130 registered users. This begs the question of who was user 1,000? Well done ema! (Poor ema, she has no friends).

I was also suprised that around 100 people are using the iCal feeds. I expected RSS to be much more popular, but it's only twice as popular with 230 people subscribed to them.

Very few people have chosen a user picture. Shame on you, go and add one now.

We've reached 1,000 tags and 300,000 program events, phew.

Be sure to schedule and watch Planet Earth this weekend - the BBC does what it does best, with an absolutely beautiful nature series.


22 February 2006

Design tweaking

I liked the original design for mightyv, but I did feel that the navigation was a little confusing and that it was wasting a lot of screen estate. This week, I've been tweaking the design of the site. I've introduced new menu bars to try to simplify navigation and we have a brand new logo designed by Matthew Gilbert (Chimpfactory). It's a superhero with an orange cape and a television for a head (mightyv, geddit?):

The navigation is currently a little rough, but don't worry, there's more tweaking ahead. Enjoy!